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Triax Unicable LNB

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Triax TSC 001 SATCR Unicable LNB

Triax Unicable

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  • Triax Unicable
  • Triax TSC Unicable
  • Tiax SATCR


  • Triax SCR LNB single cable router
  •  Standardised "plug and play" technology
  •  Easier installation of new dual-tuner PVR receivers requiring only a single cable feed
  •  Access of all polarisations and bands of one orbital positions via a single cable
  • Full coverage of the entire satellite IF range (no channels are omitted)
  •  Up to 4 different satellite receivers (tuners) per single cable drop
  • Fully transparent with regard to the transmitted signals (analogue, digital, HDTV, etc.)

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